Saturday, 7 July 2012

A rare five minutes...

I've always loved crafts. From when I was a little girl I've never been happier than when sat down making something. Be that pictures for my teachers or pompom balls for my two baby brothers.

As a family, we never had much money so 'make do and mend' was etched onto our collective psyche. I learnt how to knit at a early age, and can remember being pretty chuffed with myself when I had 'taught myself' how to cast on so I didn't need to ask my mum to do it for me (it quickly became apparent that there was a LOT more to casting on than just wrapping the yarn around the needle...).

I've wanted to create a craft blog for along time, but alas with two very small children it's hard to find the time. Hence the name 'a rare five minutes', which reflects not only the snatched time to write this, but create the crafts in the first place!

So here we go, I hope you like what I create. It's not always perfect, but it is always made from the heart.

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