Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Party planning means crafting...

It's my son's fourth birthday next week and we're planning a small party for him in the back garden. He wanted a robot theme this year so I've set to work on making it happen. 

So far all I've done is make the invitations and party bags. Doesn't sound like much, but it involved getting to grips with a new skill - stamp carving... 

I recently received my first Crafty Fox Box, a subscription craft service where you get sent an exciting box choc full of crafty bits every month. And June's box was all about stamping. It provided the tools and inspiration to help me create the invites!

I drew out a cute robot figure and set to carving it out. I probably should have picked an easier design for my first attempt, but I never was one to make things easy for myself! 

You have to transfer the design onto the soft rubber and then very carefully carve the excess bits away, leaving behind the bits you want to make an impression. It took a while and a fair bit of concentration; but we got there in the end!

Then I got out the ink pad and started stamping! I created some postcard style invites and party bags with the same little robot design on. 

I think they came out ok! Good enough for my boy to be pretty happy anyway! 

Now, next step - the cake... 

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